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Февраль-март 2021 года
Вебинары Cambridge University Press 

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Представительство Издательства Кембриджского университета (Cambridge University Press) в России приглашает вас принять участие в вебинарах авторов и спикеров Cambridge University Press в  феврале-марте 2021 года.

Расписание мероприятий

17 февраля 16.15-17.15 мск – бесплатный вебинар Нила Холлоуэя (Neil Holloway) “Bridging the Gap between IELTS and Academic Study” в рамках Cambridge Day на экономическом факультете МГУ имени М.В. Ломоносова 
In this talk we will look at how the IELTS exam relates to academic study and how studying for the exam can help provide students with some of the skills that they will need in an English speaking academic environment. We will look at how, when taught correctly, the exam can provide a positive backwash and experience for students. We will also look at some of the popular misconceptions around IELTS and how by dispelling them we can make the classroom and testing experience more fulfilling for both teachers and students.

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18 февраля 16.45 мск – бесплатный вебинар Анжелы ТатосянUnique Exam journey or how to maximise your students’ confidenceв рамках онлайнконференции Teaching and Assessing Young Learners 
At Cambridge we understand that learning English can be a long journey. Moreover, we are not just teaching English anymore. We are helping our learners to develop 21 century life skills, for example how to develop creativity, critical thinking, digital literacy, how to collaborate and communicate effectively, how to learn. These are skills they will be developing in other school subjects too, but they are all relevant in language learning context. Our step-by-step approach to learning English provides learners with regular milestones, motivating them to continue progressing from one exam to the next. How do we do this? How do we Power Up our young learner’ confidence?
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19 февраля 16.45 мскбесплатный вебинар Энн Робинсон (Anne Robinson) “Interacting – with an exam task?в рамках серии вебинаров Teaching and Assessing Young Learners

As well as preparing to do well in exams, young learners can also have fun and learn – and interact with the task and content – and with each other! Come along and we’ll interact on some typical texts and tasks! 
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28 февраля 12.50 мсквебинар Ольги Мэдилус (Olha Madylus) “Developing Listening and Speaking Skills for Communication and Funв рамках онлайнконференции Trendy English Global Conference  
Анонс: Young children do not find it easy to use English to communicate in the classroom, as their mother tongue comes far more naturally and easily. This presentation explores the challenges teachers and learners face in developing listening and speaking skills at this age and offers practical solutions to overcome these challenges and build habits which ensure children use English to communicate. Classroom routines, strategies and activities will be presented and analysed. Teachers will leave with practical ideas to take straight back to their classrooms.

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01 марта 12.20 мск – бесплатный вебинар Мэттью Эллмана (Matt Ellman) “Putting on the ‘Grammar Goggles’: Helping students to notice patterns” в рамках рамках XII научно-образовательного форума «Международная неделя многоязычия в УдГУ»
Just about every English coursebook divides grammar into easy-to-digest chunks to help students notice and learn them. But it’s the ability to go beyond these and notice other grammatical patterns that will allow students to keep adding to their grammar knowledge outside classes. In this session we’ll practise putting on our ‘grammar goggles’ to look at some grammar chunks that may have been hiding in plain sight, and see how we can help our students to do the same thing!
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марта 14.10 мск – бесплатный вебинар Людмилы Александровны Кожевниковой “Flipped or Blended? How to keep screenagers happy while remote” в рамках рамках XII научнообразовательного форума «Международная неделя многоязычия в УдГУ»
Student engagement can be a challenge when we teach in the classroom. Now that the learning environment may change very often, and online schooling may be needed again and again to respond to new waves of the infection, keeping students engaged and motivated is a top priority for many teachers. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the concepts of blended, hybrid and flipped learning, explore some remote-friendly strategies and online resources that we can use to keep our learners motivated and more excited to participate. Examples will be taken from Cambridge University Press materials. 
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16 марта 18.00 мск – бесплатный вебинар Мэтта Эллмана (Matt Ellman) “Digital Tools for Improving Speaking Skills” в рамках образовательной недели “Effective foreign language learning and teaching in a low-tech environment ” на базе Центра Интерактивных технологий Learn Teach Web ФИЯР МГУ им. М.В. Ломоносова
Digital technology is often used to help students improve their grammar and vocabulary skills, but tools to help students develop their speaking can be harder to find. In this session we’ll look at a range of tools and techniques that involve using technology to develop students’ fluency, accuracy and pronunciation when speaking, particularly as part of Cambridge exams.
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18 марта 18.00 мск – бесплатный вебинар Людмилы Александровны Кожевниковой “Integrating Learning and Assessment: a shortcut to exam success” в рамках образовательной недели “Effective foreign language learning and teaching in a low-tech environment ” на базе Центра Интерактивных технологий Learn Teach Web ФИЯР МГУ им. М.В. Ломоносова
Assessment is a key component of learning and teaching. ‘Good assessment mirrors good teaching – they go hand in hand’ [Coombe et al,2007]. However, when it comes to exam preparation, instruction time is often spent practicing for the test, while important and challenging topics and activities are dropped from the curriculum. This workshop will explore various ways of integrating learning and assessment in order to improve student performance in summative tests and examinations without sacrificing high-quality teaching. Examples from Cambridge University Press learning materials will be used.
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19 марта 17.00 мск – бесплатный вебинар Бена Голдстина (Ben Goldstein) “Social Responsibility in the Time of Change” в рамках образовательной недели “Effective foreign language learning and teaching in a low-tech environment ” на базе Центра Интерактивных технологий Learn Teach Web ФИЯР МГУ им. М.В. Ломоносова
One thing that the pandemic has brought into the focus is the increasing need for our teenage learners to becoming socially responsible citizens. Consequently, this webinar addresses those particular skills and attitudes that go beyond the language agenda and which embrace the broader issue of life competencies. It also focuses on the benefits of engaging teens in project work. Practical and engaging tasks which touch on social responsibility, as well as collaboration and communication, will be offered.
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До 10 марта продлен прием заявок на участие в Олимпиаде по английскому языку для учащихся 10-11 классов, организованной кафедрой иностранных языков и коммуникативных технологий НИТУ “МИСиС” с призами от Cambridge University Press.  Подробности и регистрация

Последние новости

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